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We Are Ready To Help You

If you, a family member or a friend is physically or mentally disabled, unable to work and needs help navigating through the Social Security disability system; we are here to help you! At Skinner and Associates, we are non-attorney representatives that work with disabled individuals throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon to obtain their disability benefits.

We Are Social Security Disability Advocates

We are not attorneys nor are we a national organization that processes mass quantities of claims without ever seeing the client. We are highly experienced professionals who specialize in Social Security disability matters. We have been authorized through the Social Security Administration to handle all matters relating to disability claims from initial applications through hearings and appeals. We believe our clients are not a number, but each a unique and individual case. We are committed to helping those in need receive the benefits they deserve. That is why we practice only Social Security Law. It is what we do! It is all we do!

When Should You Contact Us?

If you are no longer able to work and have been told your condition will keep you from doing so for 12 months or longer; you should apply for Social Security disability benefits with the assistance of Skinner and Associates. If you have already applied and been denied; please contact us to help you with your claim. We represent those who apply for SSDI, SSI, and other Social Security matters pertaining to the disability process.

Free Assessment

CLICK THE START BUTTON to fill out our online form. This will enable us to better assess your situation, and we will give you a call to discuss your case in greater detail. Let Skinner and Associates begin to help you today!